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    The Limefuel L60X is the most petite external battery that Limefuel offers

    ...it's also one of the easiest to recommend.

    TUAW | January 2014 | Read Article >

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    Packs enough juice for all your Gadgets, Fits In a Pocket

    ...a worthwhile companion to keep handy.

    Lifehacker | July 2013 | Read Article >

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    You may not need the intense environmental resistance the L150XR provides...

    ...but on the other hand, there’s no good reason not to have it, either.

    TechCrunch | February 2014 | Read Article >

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    Massive 24,000mAh Battery Pack

    ...Like a Tiny Reactor In Your Pocket.

    Gizmodo | January 2014 | Read Article >

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    Battery cases... don’t look all that good, and they often don’t work.

    However, neither is true of the Limefuel case.

    Android Headlines | February 2014 | Read Article >